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Summer Reading Club
Our library is collaborating again with the New Hartford Schools and The Bakerville Library for this years Summer Reading Club, which is sponsored by BookFriends. It is our hope that all students will take pleasure in reading throughout the summer and will take some time to visit their library.

To be a member of the club, students must:

Sign up at one of the libraries at the beginning of the summer.

Read and record at least 10 titles in their Summer Reading Journal. (For those reading longer books, 50 pages may be considered one title.)

Visit the library at least three times during the summer and have their Summer Reading Journal stamped during those visits.

With the philosophy that reading is habit forming (and a habit worth rewarding), the libraries will give club members a paperback book of their choice at a Summer Reading Club assembly at their school in the Fall.

To select their paperback book reward, students must visit one of the libraries before September1st to off their journals.
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