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Household Stories by the Brothers Grimm
written by "Crane, Walter, 1845-1915"
..., with Mrs. Fox, out of the house. SECOND VERSION. When old Mr. Fox died there came a wolf to woo, and he knocked at the door, and the cat opened to him; and he made her a bow, and said, "Good day, Miss Cat, so brisk and gay, How is it that alone you stay? And what is it you cook to-day?" The cat answered, "Bread so white, and milk so sweet, Will it please you sit and eat?" "Thank you very much, Miss Cat," answered the wolf; "but is Mrs. Fox at home?" Then the cat said, "She is sitting upstairs in her grief, And her eyes with her weeping are sore, From her sorrow she gets no relief, Now poor old Mr. Fox is no more!" The wolf answered, "Won't she take another spouse, To protect her and her house?" Up went the cat, pit-a-pat, pit-a-pat. She knocks at the door, rat-a-tat, rat-a-tat! "Mrs. Fox, are you there?" "Yes, yes, pussy dear!" "There's a suitor below, Shall I tell him to go?" But Mrs. Fox asked, "Has the gentleman red breeches and a sharp nose?" "No," answered the cat. "Then I won't have him," said Mrs. Fox. After the wolf was sent away, there came a dog, a stag, a hare, a bear, a lion, and several other wild animals. But they all of them lacked the good endowments possessed by the late Mr. Fox, so that the cat had to send them all away. At last came a young fox. And Mrs. Fox inquired whether he had red breeches and a sharp nose. "Yes, he has," said the cat. "Then I will have him," said Mrs. Fox, and bade the cat make ready the wedding-feast. "Now, cat, sweep the parlours and bustle about, And open the window, turn Mr. Fox out; Then, if you've a fancy for anything nice, Just manage to catch for yourself a few mice, You may eat them alone, I do not want one." So she was married to young Master Fox with much dancing and rejoicing, and for anything I have heard to the contrary, they may be dancing still. ...

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