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The Complete Works of Richard Crashaw, Volume I
written by "Crashaw, Richard, 1613-1649"
...scription of a religious house.' The original occurs in Barclay's Argenis, book v. These variations include one important correction of a long-standing blunder: Line 3, 1648 misprints 'weeping' for 'sweeping.' "  4, 'costly' for 'costlyer.' "  6, 'flatt'ring' for 'flattering.' "  19-20. Our text (1652), followed by 1670, strangely confuses this couplet by printing, 'Hands full of harty labours; doe much, that more they may.' Turnbull, as usual, unintelligently repeats the blunder. Even in using the text of 1652 exceptionally, if only he found it confirmed by 1670, there was no vigilance. The reading of 1648 puts all right. Line 23. Our text misspells 'ding.' "  26. Misprinted 'bosome' in all the editions, and perpetuated by Turnbull. Line 27 that follows is a break (unrhymed). Line 33. 1648 misreads 'keep no noise.' G. ON MR. GEORGE HERBERT'S BOOKE INTITULED THE TEMPLE OF SACRED POEMS. SENT TO A GENTLE-WOMAN.[47] Know you, faire, on what you looke?1 Divinest love lyes in this booke: Expecting fier from your faire eyes, To kindle this his sacrifice.140 When your hands untie these strings,5 Think, yo' have an angell by the wings; One that gladly would be nigh, To waite upon each morning sigh; To flutter in the balmy aire Of your well-perfumd praier;10 These white plumes of his hee'l lend you, Which every day to Heaven will send you: To take acquaintance of each spheare, And all your smooth-fac'd kindred there. And though Herbert's name doe owe15 These devotions; fairest, know While I thus lay them on the shrine Of your white hand, they are mine. 141 A HYMN TO THE NAME AND HONOR OF THE ADMIRABLE SAINTE TERESA: Fovndresse of the Reformation of the discalced Carmelites, both men and women; a Woman for angelicall heigth of speculation, for masculine courage of performance more then a woman: who yet a child, out-ran maturity, and durst plott a Ma...

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