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Elizabethan Sonnet-Cycles
Delia - Diana

written by "Crow, Martha Foote, 1854-1924"
... a stony heart! [Pg 29] XIV Those snary locks are those same nets, my dear, Wherewith my liberty thou didst surprise Love was the flame that firèd me so near, The dart transpiercing were those crystal eyes. Strong is the net, and fervent is the flame; Deep is the wound my sighs can well report. Yet I do love, adore, and praise the same, That holds, that burns, that wounds in this sort; And list not seek to break, to quench, to heal, The bond, the flame, the wound that festereth so, By knife, by liquor, or by salve to deal; So much I please to perish in my woe. Yet lest long travails be above my strength, Good Delia, loose, quench, heal me, now at length! [Pg 30] XV If that a loyal heart and faith unfeigned, If a sweet languish with a chaste desire, If hunger-starven thoughts so long retained, Fed but with smoke, and cherished but with fire; And if a brow with care's charàcters painted Bewray my love with broken words half spoken To her which sits in my thoughts' temple sainted, And lays to view my vulture-gnawn heart open; If I have done due homage to her eyes, And had my sighs still tending on her name, If on her love my life and honour lies, And she, th'unkindest maid, still scorns the same; Let this suffice, that all the world may see The fault is hers, though mine the hurt must be. [Pg 31] XVI Happy in sleep, waking content to languish, Embracing clouds by night, in daytime mourn, My joys but shadows, touch of truth my anguish, Griefs ever springing, comforts never born; And still expecting when she will relent, Grown hoarse with crying, "mercy, mercy give," So many vows and prayers having spent That weary of my life I loathe to live; And yet the hydra of my cares renews Still new-born sorrows of her fresh disdain; And still my hope the summer winds pursues, Finding no end nor period of my pain; This is my state, my griefs do touch so nearly, And thus I live because...

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