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Sinks of London Laid Open
A Pocket Companion for the Uninitiated, to Which is Added
a Modern Flash Dictionary Containing all the Cant Words,
Slang Terms, and Flash Phrases Now in Vogue, with a List
of the Sixty Orders of Prime Coves

written by "Cruikshank, George, 1792-1878"
...l, an extraordinary meal Blow a cloud, smoking a pipe Blow the gab, to split, to expose, inform Blow, to split, tell, expose Blow me tight, a sort of burlesque oath; as, If I don’t I’m jigger’d, &c. Blowings, prostitutes Blue ruin, gin Blue devils, blues, low spirits, horror struck Blue pigeon filers, or flyers, thieves who steal lead from the tops of houses and churches Blubber, to whine, to cry Bluff, to bustle, look big Bluffer, an impudent imposing fellow of an inn-keeper Blunderbuss, a stupid ignorant fellow Blunt, tip, rag, money Boarding school, a house of correction, or prison Bob, a shilling Bob, a shoplifter’s assistant Bob-stick, a hog, a shilling Bobtail, a lewd woman, or prostitute Bobbery, a disturbance, a row Bobbish, tol lol, pretty well in health Body bag, a shirt Body snatchers, bailiffs, police officers Boggy, kiddy, covey Bog trotters, lower orders of Irishmen Bogey, old Nick, the devil Bolt the moon, to cheat the landlord by taking the goods away in the night, without paying the rent Bolt, cut, go, make yourself scarce Bolted, hopped the twig, shuffled, gone Bone, to steal Bone box, the mouth Bonesetter, a hackney coach Bonnetter, a thump on the hat Bon vivant, a choice spirit, a jolly dog Booth, a place for harbouring thieves 100 Booked, in for it, dished Booze, drink Boozy, drunk Boozing ken, a lush crib, a sluicery, alehouse Bore, a tedious story, or a vexatious circumstance Bordell, a bawdyken, house of ill fame Bottle-head stupid, void of sense Bought, anything that’s dearly paid for Bounce, to lie, to swagger Bounceable, proud, saucy Bower, the, Newgate Bowsprit, cork snorter, the nose Bow wow mutton, cag mag, dog’s flesh, bad ill looking meat Bow wow broth, broth made of stinking meat Bow mam, a thief Box o’dominos, mouth and teeth Box of iv...

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