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The Scarlet Banner
written by "Dahn, Felix, 1834-1912"
... unfurled on the roof. My Gibamund brought it to me to replace the worn embroidery with fresh gold." "We should have finished it before, if you had not placed those strange little signs half hidden along the hem--" "Hush," whispered Hilda, smiling, "he must not know it." "Who?" "Why, the pious King. Alas, we shall never understand and agree with each other!" "Why must he know nothing about it?" "They are the ancient runes of victory of our people. My ancestor Hildebrand taught them to me. And who can tell whether they may not help?" As she spoke, she passed her hand over her work with a tender, caressing motion, humming softly,-- "Revered and ancient Runes so glorious, Magical symbols Of victory's bliss, Float ye and sway With the fluttering banner High o'er our heads! Summon the swift, Lovely, and gracious Maids, brave and bold, Hovering swan-like Our heads far above! Givers of victory, Radiant sisterhood, Fetter the foe, Stay their proud columns, Weaken their sword-strokes, Shiver their spears, Break their firm shields, Shatter their breastplates, Hew off their helmets!-- Unto ourwarriors Victory send ye; Joyous pursuit, Speeding on swift steeds, Shouting in glee, After the flying Ranks of the vanquished!" "There! The ancient rune has often helped the Amalungi; why should it not aid the Asdings? Aha! Now let the dragon fly again. He has moulted," she added, laughing merrily; "now his wings have grown new." Springing to her feet, she raised the long heavy shaft, terminating in a sharp point, to which the square scarlet cloth was fastened with gold-headed nails, and with both hands she waved the banner joyously around her head. It was a beautiful picture: Gibamund and many of the warriors below saw the floating banner and the lovely woman's head surrounded by her flowing golden hair. &q...

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