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The Shooting of Dan McGrew, A Novel
Based on the Famous Poem of Robert Service

written by "Dana, Marvin Hill, 1867-"
...riedly, and welcomed the sting of it. He regained his usual stern composure soon, and, immediately then, his thoughts took a new turn. He[271] resumed the prosecution of his inquiries with increased eagerness. It may have been that the association of ideas drove him on. Dan McGrew was to him the epitome of crime. The presence of Dan McGrew in the neighborhood struck him as of possible significance. He was without a shred of evidence, in the matter of Sam Ward's death, against the man he hated. Yet, he felt a strange conviction that here was the clew for which he had been searching.... The sheriff was highly pleased by the manifest interest of this trapper, who, in their previous meetings, had shown no trace of geniality. "You say this Dan McGrew—" Jim stumbled a little over the name—"was here when this Reeves chap came in?" "Blew in that very self-same day, jest a little while before the murderer got here." "I suppose he hadn't heard of the murder until he got here?" Jim suggested. The sheriff shook his head. "We didn't any of us know a thing about Sam Ward having been killed, until the young[272] feller drove up and told that cussed yarn about seein' the murder through his glasses. The nerve of him! And he'd got away with it, too, if it hadn't been for Dan McGrew puttin' it into my head to search his pack." The listener started perceptibly at this information. "Oh, it was Dan McGrew who first directed suspicion against this young man, was it?" The sheriff was deeply chagrined by his inadvertent revelation of the truth. He attempted to hedge. "Why, not exactly. Maybe he was the first to speak right out plain, but I'd been thinkin' jest that same thing." Jim did not care to press the point. He had no wish to wound the sheriff's sensibilities, at least while further information might be extracted from the man. But he regarded this news concerning the part Dan McGrew had played in the affair...

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