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The Affecting Case of the Unfortunate Thomas Daniels
written by "Daniels, Thomas"
...en my execution was to be forborn until farther orders. I received my pardon on Thursday, October 28, and was discharged from confinement Sunday, November 1. "From the time of receiving sentence, to the time of my receiving a full pardon was six weeks close confinement in the cells of Newgate; where, by the terms of sentence, I was to be subsisted on bread and water only. I can however affirm with truth, that, conscious of my own integrity, not all the terrors of so ignominious a death, and the stamp of infamy attending it, ever could depress my spirits from the first to the last. I relied on the justice of God, who could penetrate beyond the ken of short-sighted man; and with the utmost reverence would I acknowledge the extension of his providence toward me, in protecting me in this life, from the consequences of premature judgment. I have been frail in common with the rest of mankind; and I have severely suffered. However, as my misfortunes in marriage drove me into carelessness and excesses, which, together with them, have been the ruin of me; I hope that so remarkable a deliverance from the brink of the precipice of eternity, has called home my scattered thoughts, and will make me more sober and industrious than I have heretofore been. I now conclude this narrative with the most thankful acknowledgments to all whose kindness has been instrumental in my deliverance, from the awful fate from which I so hardly escaped." The reader has now seen what the poor fellow had to offer for his own justification. It may not be improper just to add a few remarks, first, on the probabilities and improbabilities of the alledged fact, and then to compare the fair result of such examination with the tenor of the depositions on his trial; these will tend greatly to clear our conceptions with regard to the man. The window of Daniels's room has two casements folding against each other, with garden pots before them. One of these casements only, used ...

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