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The Wreck on the Andamans
written by "Darvall, Joseph"
...The gallant Barque the Runnymede, of 507 tons burthen, commanded by Captain William Clement Doutty, an experienced seaman, and the property of Messrs. Hall & Co. and Ingram of Riches-court, Lime-street, London, being a remarkably staunch river-built vessel of the A 1 or first class, left Gravesend on the 20th of June, 1844, bound [8] for Calcutta. She had on board a general cargo and a crew of twenty-eight persons, including officers. She also carried out, on account of the Honourable East India Company, thirty-eight soldiers, with two women and one child, belonging to Her Majesty’s 10th Regiment of Foot, and also Captain Stapleton, Ensigns Venables, Du Vernett, and Purcell, and one hundred and five soldiers, ten women, and thirteen children, belonging to Her Majesty’s 50th Regiment of Foot. The whole of the military were under the command of Captain Stapleton; the medical officer was Mr. Bell, the surgeon of the vessel. Every thing proceeded in the same manner as is usual on voyages in the same course, till they arrived south of the Tropics. The only casualty they met with was the death of William Bryant, a private of the 10th, [9] on the 12th of July. He had suffered from sea-sickness ever since his embarkation. His body was committed to the deep the same evening, with the customary ceremonies. The principal amusements of the officers and crew were fishing, shark-catching, booby and pigeon shooting, and playing at backgammon. There were also on board the ship, books provided for the use of those who were disposed to read. The hour of dinner was four o’clock. On arriving south of the Tropics, the wind, instead of backing to the westward, blew almost constantly from the north-east and east-north-east; and when it occasionally got to the westward of north, it always fell light, contrary to the usual course; and so it continued until it got to the westward, and then it freshened. In consequ...

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