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The Spy
written by "Davis, Richard Harding, 1864-1916"
...nchman to let you read my second cable?" Schnitzel's reply was prompt and complacent. "One hundred dollars gold. It was worth it. Do you want to know how I doped it out?" I even challenged him to do so. "'Roses red'—war declared; 'violets blue'—outlook bad, or blue; 'send snow'—send squadron, because the white squadron is white like snow. See? It was too easy." "Schnitzel," I cried, "you are wonderful!" Schnitzel yawned in my face. "Oh, you don't have to hit the soles of my feet with a night-stick to keep me awake," he said. After I had been a week at sea, I found that either I had to believe that in all things Schnitzel was a liar, or that the men of the Nitrate Trust were in all things evil. I was convinced that instead of the people of Valencia robbing them, they were robbing both the people of Valencia and the people of the United States. To go to war on their account was to degrade our Government. I explained to Schnitzel it was not becoming that the United States navy should be made the cat's-paw of a corrupt corporation. I asked his permission to repeat to the authorities at Washington certain of the statements he had made. Schnitzel was greatly pleased. "You're welcome to tell 'em anything I've said," he assented. "And," he added, "most of it's true, too." I wrote down certain charges he had made, and added what I had always known of the nitrate fight. It was a terrible arraignment. In the evening I read my notes to Schnitzel, who, in a corner of the smoking-room, sat, frowning importantly, checking off each statement, and where I made an error of a date or a name, severely correcting me. Several times I asked him, "Are you sure this won't get you into trouble with your 'people'? You seem to accuse everybody on each side." Schnitzel's eyes instantly closed with suspicion. "Don't you worry about me and my people," he returned sulkily. "That's MY secret, ...

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