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Blow The Man Down
A Romance Of The Coast - 1916

written by "Day, Holman, 1865-1935"
... magnate. Then he looked down at the scattered papers and scratched his head with much deliberation. "Why don't you say something?" demanded Marston. "I'm naturally slow and cautious," stated Captain Wass. He put on his spectacles, kneeled on the soft carpet, and examined the blank papers and the broken seals. He laid them back on the carpet and meditated for some time, still on his knees. When he looked up, peering over the edge of his spectacles, he paid no attention to Mar-ston, to the latter's indignant astonishment. "Vose and others are waiting for us at the hotel," he informed Captain Mayo, "and it's important business, and we'd better be tending to it instead of fooling around here." "No matter about any other business except this, sir," cried Marston. "There can't be much business mixed up in a lot of blank sheets of paper," snapped Captain Wass. "What's the matter?" "I have lost valuable papers." The old skipper bent shrewd squint at the angry man who was standing over him. "Steamer combination papers, hey?" "You seem to know pretty well." "Ought to know." "Why?" Captain Wass rose slowly, with grunts, and rubbed his stiff knees. "Because I've got 'em." "Stole them from the package, did you?" "It wasn't stealing—it was business." "Hand them over." "I insist on that, too, Captain Wass," said Mayo, with indignation. "Hand over those papers." "Can't be done, for I haven't got 'em with me. And I won't hand 'em over till I have used them in my business." "I shall have you arrested," announced Marston. "So do. Sooner the whole thing gets before the court, the better." His perfect calmness had its effect on the financier. "What are you proposing to use those papers for?" "To make you pirates turn back the Vose line property and pay damages. As to the rest of your combination, the critters that's in it can skin their own skunks. I guess the whole...

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