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The Life and Most Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, of York, Mariner (1801)
written by "Defoe, Daniel, 1661?-1731"
...ere they think. Master. Do they bring them hither? Friday. Yes, come over hither, came over other place. Master. And have you been with them here, Friday? Friday. Yes, me been here, (pointing to the north-west of the island, being the side where they used to land.) Thus having gotten what account I could from my man, I plainly understood that he had been as bad as any of the rest of the cannibals, having been formerly among the savages who used to come on shore on the farthest part of the island, upon the same bloody occasion as he was brought hither for; and some time after I carried him to that place where he pointed; and no sooner did he come there, but he presently knew the ground, signifying to me that he was once there when they ate up twenty men, two women and a young child; but as he could not explain the number in English, he did [pg 087] it by so many stones in a row, making a sign to me to count them. This passage I have the rather mentioned, because it led to things more important and useful for me to know; for after I had this satisfactory discourse with him, my next question was, how far it was from the island to the shore, and whether the canoes were not often lost in the ocean? to which he answered, there was no danger, that no canoes were ever lost; but that after a little way out to the sea, there was a strong current and a wind always one way in the afternoon. This I thought at first to be no more than the sets of the tide, of going out or coming in; but I afterwards understood it was occasioned by the great-draught and reflux of the mighty river Oroonoko, in the mouth or gulf of which I imagined my kingdom lay: and that the land which I perceived to the W. and N.W. must be the great island Trinidad, on the north of the river. A thousand questions (if that would satisfy me) did I ask Friday about the nature of the country, the sea, the coasts, the inhabitants, and what nations were nearest them: To which questions...

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