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written by "Delannoy, Burford", and you shall have your liberty within twenty four hours." "And if I don't do that?" The grim smile on the lawyer's face seemed to answer him. "Supposing I cannot?" Once more the lawyer smiled. He stroked his chin and said quietly: "You are not a fool. I don't think I am. Let's play this game, then, like men. You are here in[Pg 199] my power. You've got to stop here till I handle those notes. I can't afford to let that time be a long one, so I must hurry things on a bit." "You mean to torture me?" "That's as you may choose to put it. You must remember that the torture will cease the moment you care to let it. You've got the check string in your hand." "What do you intend doing?" "Nothing, I hope, because I think you will see the game is mine, and hand over the pool." "You think I have the notes on me?" "No, I don't, or I should have adopted other means—rendered you unconscious while I despoiled you of them, and then perhaps popped you where you are for some hours while I cashed the notes and cleared out." "What is it you want me to do, then?" "Well, you made me sit down and write a note once, didn't you? I have a stylographic pen here, paper, and an envelope." "Yes." "I want you to write a letter, authorizing the giving up to the bearer of it the packet containing the notes." "A letter—to whom?" The lawyer laughed as he answered:[Pg 200] "To the custodian of them, of course." "And if I can't—if I don't do that?" "Then, my friend, you'll gain knowledge. You will know what it is to be hungry and thirsty. I don't know that the information will be of much service to you in the police force, but for all it's worth, it will be yours." "You will starve me!" "I shall keep you without bite or sup till you give me what I want, if it's for a day or a week, or—or as long as you can live. If you are obstinate enough, if ultimately your skeleton is found here—for I ...

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