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Bible Stories and Pictures
From the Old and New Testaments

written by "Anonymous"
...d I will shew thee the land which I have promised to the children of Israel; and after that thou shalt die. Then Moses went to the top of the mount, where he could see the land which the children of Israel were to inherit. And God then said to Moses, This is the land which I promised to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob; I have caused thee to see it, but thou shalt not go into it. [Pg 4] SAMSON CARRYING AWAY THE GATES OF GAZA. Samson was one of the judges of Israel, after the death of Moses. He was the strongest man that ever lived. In his time the Philistines were at war with the Israelites.[Pg 5] These Philistines were a nation of heathen, who worshipped idols instead of the great God who made us all. Samson in one battle killed a thousand of them with the jaw-bone of an ass. After this, they found out one night that he was in their walled city, called Gaza, and so they fastened the great gates of the city, thinking they could in this way keep him there till morning, and then kill him. But Samson arose at midnight and took the two great gates of the city, with the bar and the gate posts, and carried them to the top of a high hill, a great way off. In this way he escaped out of the hands of his enemies. [Pg 6] DAVID AND GOLIATH. While Saul was king of Israel, the Philistines made war upon him and his people. Among them was a giant, named Goliath, who went out in front of Saul's camp, in the morning and evening, for[Pg 7] forty days, and offered to fight any man in his army. David, who was then a mere shepherd-boy, heard of this giant and his boastful challenge. He offered to go out and fight Goliath, trusting that God would enable him to conquer this proud enemy of his people. So he went out, taking with him only his sling and a few smooth pebbles. When Goliath saw him, he laughed at the Israelites for sending a mere boy to fight him. Bu...

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