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The Divine Comedy by Dante, Illustrated, Paradise, Volume 2
written by "Doré, Gustave, 1832-1883"
...lo and Cianghella we Had held as strange a marvel, as ye would A Cincinnatus or Cornelia now.      "In such compos'd and seemly fellowship, Such faithful and such fair equality, In so sweet household, Mary at my birth Bestow'd me, call'd on with loud cries; and there In your old baptistery, I was made Christian at once and Cacciaguida; as were My brethren, Eliseo and Moronto.      "From Valdipado came to me my spouse, And hence thy surname grew.  I follow'd then The Emperor Conrad; and his knighthood he Did gird on me; in such good part he took My valiant service.  After him I went To testify against that evil law, Whose people, by the shepherd's fault, possess Your right, usurping.  There, by that foul crew Was I releas'd from the deceitful world, Whose base affection many a spirit soils, And from the martyrdom came to this peace." CANTO XVI O slight respect of man's nobility! I never shall account it marvelous, That our infirm affection here below Thou mov'st to boasting, when I could not choose, E'en in that region of unwarp'd desire, In heav'n itself, but make my vaunt in thee! Yet cloak thou art soon shorten'd, for that time, Unless thou be eked out from day to day, Goes round thee with his shears.  Resuming then With greeting such, as Rome, was first to bear, But since hath disaccustom'd I began; And Beatrice, that a little space Was sever'd, smil'd reminding me of her, Whose cough embolden'd (as the story holds) To first offence the doubting Guenever.      "You are my sire," said I, "you give me heart Freely to speak my thought: above myself You raise me.  Through so many streams with joy My soul is fill'd, that gladness wells from it; So that it bears the mighty tide, and bursts not Say then, my honour'd stem! what ancestors Where those you sprang from, and what years were mark'd In your first childhood? ...

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