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A Little Girl in Old Philadelphia
written by "Douglas, Amanda Minnie, 1831-1916"
... is mead, and she looks doubtfully at the two soldiers as if her simple list might not come up to their desires. "And cheesecake?" ventured Primrose. "Oh, yes! and wafers and gingerbread, and real Dutch doughnuts." Primrose glanced around, elated. Her birthday treat was to be a success. So they sat and refreshed themselves and jested, with Primrose in her sunniest mood, while the sun dropped lower and lower and burnished the river.[Pg 325] "I wonder if there are many violets in the woods." "Oh, yes, indeed!" answered the woman. "It's rather early for many people to come and I am out of the way until they begin to sail up and down the river; that's when it is warmer, though to-day has been fine enough." "Suppose we go and gather the violets," suggested Philemon. "Of course we expect you to go, don't we, Polly? But then we are going also." "Won't it be wet?" "Not with that little sprinkle!" cried Primrose disdainfully. There were dozens of pretty spring things in the woods, but violets were enough. Large bluish-purple ones, down to almost every gradation. Then Betty thought of an old-time verse and Lieutenant Vane of another. "But it should be primroses," he said. "If we were at home in English haunts we should find them. I don't know why I say at home, for I doubt if it is ever my home again." "I am a more hopeful exile than you," commented Betty Mason. "My country will be restored to me, and I shall never forget that you helped." What large, soft, dark eyes she had, and a voice with a peculiar lingering cadence; but it did not go to one's heart like that of Primrose. The sun was speeding downward. It was a long walk home. Andrew Henry headed the procession with his cousin, and Vane followed with Betty, so it was Polly who had the two attendants, and Allin was rather out of humor.[Pg 326] Janice Kent had a birthday supper for them, but with the treat at Larch Alley, and, perhaps, some fatigue, they we...

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