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A Selection from the Works of Frederick Locker
written by "Doyle, Richard, 1824-1883"
..., I suppose, The Bud is now a blooming Rose,— A rosy posy! [45] Indeed, farewell to bygone years; How wonderful the change appears— For curates now and cavaliers In turn perplex you: The last are birds of feather gay, Who swear the first are birds of prey; I'd scare them all had I my way, But that might vex you. At times I've envied, it is true, That joyous hero, twenty-two, Who sent bouquets and billets-doux, And wore a sabre. The rogue! how tenderly he wound His arm round one who never frowned; He loves you well. Now, is he bound To love my neighbour? The bells are ringing. As is meet, White favours fascinate the street, Sweet faces greet me, rueful-sweet 'Twixt tears and laughter: They crowd the door to see her go— The bliss of one brings many woe— Oh! kiss the bride, and I will throw The old shoe after. [46] What change in one short afternoon,— My Charming Neighbour gone,—so soon! Is yon pale orb her honey-moon Slow rising hither? O lady, wan and marvellous, How often have we communed thus; Sweet memories shall dwell with us, And joy go with her! [47] PICCADILLY. Piccadilly!—shops, palaces, bustle, and breeze, The whirring of wheels, and the murmur of trees, By daylight, or nightlight,—or noisy, or stilly,— Whatever my mood is—I love Piccadilly. Wet nights, when the gas on the pavement is streaming, And young Love is watching, and old Love is dreaming, And Beauty is whirled off to conquest, where shrilly Cremona makes nimble thy toes, Piccadilly! [48] Bright days, when we leisurely pace to and fro, And meet all the people we do or don't know,— Here is jolly old Brown, and his fair daughter Lillie; —No wonder, young pilgrim, you like Piccadilly! See yonder pair riding, how fondly they saunter! She smiles on her poet, whose heart's in a canter: Some envy her spouse, and some covet her filly, He envies them...

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