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The Origins of Contemporary France, Complete Table of Contents
written by "Durand, John, 1822-1908"
...h And Justice. V. The Dream Of A Return To Nature. VI. The Abolition Of Society. Rousseau. VII: The Lost Children. CHAPTER IV. ORGANIZING THE FUTURE SOCIETY. I. Liberty, Equality And Sovereignty Of The People. II. Naive Convictions III. Our True Human Nature. IV. Birth Of Socialist Theory, Its Two Sides. V. Social Contract, Summary. BOOK FOURTH. THE PROPAGATION OF THE DOCTRINE. CHAPTER I.—SUCCESS OF THIS PHILOSOPHY IN FRANCE. I. The Propagating Organ, Eloquence. II. Its Method. III. Its Popularity. IV. The Masters. CHAPTER II. THE FRENCH PUBLIC. I. The Nobility. II. Conditions In France. III. French Indolence. IV. Unbelief. V. Political Opposition. VI. Well-Meaning Government. CHAPTER III. THE MIDDLE CLASS. I. The Past. II. CHANGE IN THE CONDITION OF THE BOURGEOIS. III. Social Promotion. IV. Rousseau's Philosophy Spreads And Takes HOLD. V. Revolutionary Passions. VI. Summary BOOK FIFTH. THE PEOPLE CHAPTER I. HARDSHIPS. I. Privations. II. The Peasants. III. The Countryside. IV. The Peasant Becomes Landowner. CHAPTER II. TAXATION THE PRINCIPAL CAUSE OF MISERY. I. Extortion. II. Local Conditions. III. The Common Laborer. IV. Collections And Seizures.—Observe the system actually at work. V. Indirect Taxes. VI. Burdens And Exemptions. VII. Municipal Taxation. VIII. Complaints In The Registers. CHAPTER III. INTELLECTUAL STATE OF THE PEOPLE. I. Intellectual incapacity II. Political incapacity III. Destructive impulses IV. Insurrectionary leaders and recruits CHAPTER IV. THE ARMED FORCES. I. Military force declines II. The social organization is dissolved III. Direction of the current CHAPTER V. SUMMARY. I. Suicide of the Ancient R...

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