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Do the Dead Return?
A True Story of Startling Seances in San Francisco

written by "Anonymous"
...ght—very rapidly, and when I held it up to the light with the written surface from me, I could read the following:— I am glad to be here, and if I can obtain the appropriate conditions I will show my identity. DICK FOSTER. “This was a puzzling thing, and I should like for some one to explain how it was done, if there was not communication with some invisible intelligence. In regard to Foster’s name it should be said that the medium had not seen nor heard it, and that his hand flew over the paper very fast while he wrote the backward message. So far as I could see, Dr.[Pg 45] Schlesinger was quite deaf and near-sighted. He was an old man of heavy weight and clumsy fingers. His manner was that of a devout believer in the genuineness of his theory. If any one can explain to me how these things were done, he will interest me far more than Dr. Schlesinger did, and it should be said that my attention to what he did was held without interruption from the start. There were several other like tests wherein he read for me other names by a process equally startling, making one feel that he had marvelous powers. “R. E. Bunker, M. D.”   WHAT MR. BONNET SAW. Theodore F. Bonnet, who was a reporter for the Daily Report at the time of the seance at the Mayor’s office, was a guest of the author during the seance. Mr. Bonnet, who is now editor and owner of Town Talk, an influential weekly [Pg 46]newspaper, wrote the following account of what he saw and handed it to the author just after the seance:— “After witnessing the efforts of Dr. Schlesinger as a medium, one cannot but be impressed by his marvelous powers of divination. They are impossible of explanation on any hypothesis calculated to reduce his work to the vulgar plane of legerdemain. Yet the manifestations, as he is pleased to call his marvelous, puzzling and apparently supernatural revelations concerning matters with whic...

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