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The Female Soldier
Or, the Surprising Life and Adventures of Hannah Snell

written by "Anonymous"
...unpolished Tars had not Opportunities of extending their Wickedness to such a high Pitch as they would have done, had they had Objects to satiate their brutish Appetites; for there were but a few white Women in the Place; however she saw too much not to be afflicted, lest her Sex should by their impudent, and [Pg 18]unlimited Behaviour, be discovered, and her Virtue sacrificed to their rapacious, boundless and lustful Appetites; but Innocency and Virtue is the safest Protection in the worst of Times; and this was what sheltered her from the much dreaded Calamity that threatned her. On the 19th of November last, the Eltham sailed with the rest of the Fleet from Fort St. David’s, and kept Company till they came to the Cape of Good Hope; when the Eltham had Orders to make the best of her Way to Lisbon, to take in Money for the Use of the Merchants of London. The Day after they left Fort St. David’s, her Master Lieutenant Wyegate died, in whose Death she lost the only Friend she had on board, and where to find such another, she knew not: This brought afresh into her Mind the Remembrance of her faithless Husband, whole Villainy and Cruelty had drove her to all the Straits, Hardships and Dangers she endured both by Sea and Land, and had reduced her to the wretched State she was then in. These Reflections were sufficient to have sunk the Spirits of the most hardy Hero; but she bore them with a becoming Resignation. She was distinguished amongst the Ship’s Crew for her Ingenuity in washing and mending of Linnen, but as it is common on board of King’s Ships to have some Men who are dexterous at such Performances, she was not suspected upon that Score. Some Time after the Death of Lieutenant Wyegate, she was taken into the Service of Lieutenant Kite, second Lieutenant of the Ship, and continued so about two Months; when he getting a Boy, he recommended her to Mr. Wallace, third Lieutenant of the Ship, who proved also a...

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