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Rudimental Divine Science
written by "Eddy, Mary Baker, 1821-1910"
...ept the bliss of doing good. The only pay taken for herlabors was from classes, and often those were put off formonths, in order to do gratuitous work.  She has never          12taught a Primary class without several, and sometimesseventeen, free students in it; and has endeavored to takethe full price of tuition only from those who were able to      15pay.  The student who pays must of necessity do betterthan he who does not pay, and yet will expect and requireothers to pay him.  No discount on tuition was made on          18higher classes, because their first classes furnished studentswith the means of paying for their tuition in the higherinstruction, and of doing charity work besides.  If the         21Primary students are still impecunious, it is their ownfault, and this ill- success of itself leaves them unpreparedto enter higher classes.                                        24People are being healed by means of my instructions,both in and out of class.  Many students, who havepassed through a regular course of instruction from me,         27have been invalids and were healed in the class; but ex-perience has shown that this defrauds the scholar, though       1it heals the sick.It is seldom that a student, if healed hi a class, has left     3it understanding sufficiently the Science of healing to im- mediately enter upon its practice.  Why?  Because theglad surprise of suddenly regained health is a shock to         6the mind; and this holds and satisfies the thought withexuberant joy.This renders the mind less inquisitive, plastic, and tract-     9able; and deep systematic thinking is impracticable untilthis impuls...

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