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The Gentleman's Model Letter-writer
A Complete Guide to Correspondence on All Subjects, with
Commercial Forms

written by "Anonymous"
..., yours truly,    ______ [10] Love-letter from a Gentleman to a Lady. The Temple, June 4th. Dearest, Days have passed by now since we have had the pleasure of a few moments' conversation even; how these hours have dragged their slow pace along you and I alone can tell. It is only when we are left to the peaceful enjoyment of our own society that time flies. It may be that to-morrow at Mrs. E.'s we shall have a little time alone. We all dine there; she told me she should have a dance also, and that your mamma had promised her your sister and yourself should be of the party. May I ask for the first waltz? I send a few flowers, but I imagine you will only wear one, the rose in your hair; your sister is always pleased with a bouquet, so I shall not be very angry if you let her have them, only wear my rose. Your own Edward. A Sailor to his Sweetheart. H.M.S. Centaur, June 14th, 187- My dear Fanny, You are never out of my mind. If you only think of me half as much, I shall be satisfied. Sleeping or waking it is all the same, Fanny, you are my only thought. What have you done with your piece of the half-sovereign we cut in halves? I have bored a hole in mine, and wear it round my neck on a bit of blue ribbon, to show that your William is true blue. Do you wear yours the same, my dearest Fanny? When I come home we will splice the halves, and Fanny and her William will be one—will we not, darling girl?[11] Our cruise will now soon be over; I only hope, Fanny, you have been as true to me as I have been to you; never have I ceased thinking of you. Bear in mind your faithful William, who loves you as fondly as ever. Your devoted lover, William. Gentleman's reply to the Lady, imagining he was indifferent to her. Gillingham, April 16th, 187- Dearest Love, Such I must and will, with your permission, always call you. Your letter really caused me much uneasiness. But, Dr. B...

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