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The Herriges Horror in Philadelphia
A Full History of the Whole Affair. A Man Kept in a Dark Cage Like a Wild Beast for Twenty Years, As Alleged, in His Own Mother's and Brother's House

written by "Anonymous"
... as the artificial ones of his long confinement, and a withering isolation from the outer world. He will never be himself again, for that would be impossible, but it is quite likely that he will recover so far as to permit him to enjoy the ease and have that care of kind attendants that his share of the property will command. Comment on the conduct of those relatives from whose charge he has been taken is entirely unnecessary. If they have consciences, their feelings must be of a rather terrible nature. One thing is certain; poor John will be taken good care of in the future, and in Furman Sheppard, Esq., he has a friend who will not allow justice to be hoodwinked.   A VISIT TO THE VICTIM AT THE ALMSHOUSE HOSPITAL. Yesterday, in company with Detective Charles Miller, who had charge of the investigation of the circumstances of the case, we made a special visit to John Herriges, the subject of this sketch. When we reached the institution, the usual ball, which is periodically given to the patients in the insane department, was at its full height, and John’s nurse, an active and intelligent young man, supposing that the happiness and hilarity of the scene would have a beneficial effect upon his charge, wheeled him in his chair to the ball room. John seemed astonished somewhat, and the excitement took quick effect upon him, making him very loquacious, although the words he uttered were so unconnected as to be entirely incoherent. Finding this to be the case, the attendant wheeled his patient to a quiet[Pg 18] part of the building, where we had a long interview with him. But John remained excited, and talked almost constantly about McMullin, the veritable William of the Fourth Ward, of murders and burglars, and coffins, and kindred subjects. We asked him a number of questions, but apart from now and then giving us a semi-intelligent glance, he took no notice whatever, until in the midst of it the attendant stepped sudd...

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