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The Tale of Frisky Squirrel
written by "Fagan, Eleanore"
...und his throat. And then he looked sideways at Frisky Squirrel. “Afraid!” Frisky exclaimed. “I’m not afraid at all.” “Good!” said Mr. Crow. “Now, then, young fellow! You skip along over to Farmer Green’s and I’ll be waiting for you down the road a bit.” Old Mr. Crow flapped himself away then. And Frisky Squirrel hurried off in a straight line for the farmhouse. [Pg 77] XVICaught in the Attic Long before Frisky Squirrel reached Farmer Green’s place, he began to worry for fear Mr. Crow had grown tired of waiting for him. To be sure, he knew that the butternuts were up in the attic. But to tell the truth, Frisky felt uneasy about visiting the farmhouse. And he hoped that Mr. Crow would show him just how to get through the attic window, as he had promised. Just as he came in sight of the farmhouse Frisky heard Mr. Crow calling to him from a tall tree close by the road. He was glad to hear the old gentleman’s husky[Pg 78] voice. And he couldn’t help thinking how kind Mr. Crow was, and how mistaken his mother had been to believe that Mr. Crow liked to get folks into trouble. “Come on!” said Mr. Crow, as Frisky paused beneath the tall tree. “I’m going to fly over to that tree right next the farmhouse. You run along the stone-wall and climb up beside me.” “Now, then!” said Mr. Crow a few minutes later, when Frisky had joined him. “There’s the window—wide open. And there are the butternuts, lying on the floor.” Frisky could see great heaps of nuts. And without another word he crept out on a limb that brushed the window-sill and in another moment he was inside Farmer Green’s attic. Frisky forgot to thank Mr. Crow. He never once thought of that, he was in such a hurry to taste those nuts.[Pg 79] He just ate and ate and ate; and he was so busy ...

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