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Extracts from a Journal of a Voyage of Visitation in the "Hawk," 1859
written by "Feild, Edward, 1801-1876"
...the shore, surrounded for months by ice. Seldom in either place do they see any human being, except the members of their own family, and not one of the family can read. In summer they catch salmon and codfish; and in the winter kill seals. And yet they are not heathens or savages. The woman, though rowing, was very neatly dressed, with a necklace, but no other superfluous finery; the man was tidy; both were civil. They presented us with two salmon, all they had in their boat, and promised us finer ones to-morrow. They expressed much pleasure at the prospect of attending the services, and of having their youngest child christened or admitted into the Church. All had been baptized; some at Twillingate, some at Herring Neck, in each case by a clergyman, one by a Methodist preacher, one by a fisherman; but all had been admitted into the Church (at Twillingate, or Herring Neck) except this youngest. They left us about 10.30 P.M., after attending our family prayers in the cabin. Friday, July 8th. Little Harbour Deep.—Before [11]four o'clock, two of my men, with a boy from shore, went to Grandfather's Cove (Grande-Vache) to invite the families (Randalls) living there to our services. Though so early, one of the families had gone to their fishing ground before our men arrived. The others gladly accepted the invitation. This being the first day of missionary work, or services, on board the Church-ship, I had to instruct my friends, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Tucker, how to arrange and deck the large cabin for the congregation. The day, happily, was very fine, so that we were able to put several of the many packages and boxes on deck. The congregation, in the morning, consisted of only the two families (Wiseman and Randall) and our captain. In the afternoon (4.30 P.M.), our crew also attended. One girl was hypothetically baptised, and four children received. The elder Johnson said the prayers and baptized; the younger read the lessons. I add...

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