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Hollowdell Grange
Holiday Hours in a Country Home

written by "Fenn, George Manville, 1831-1909"
... sacks as soon as possible, and therefore wriggled and twisted towards the edges, giving the boys plenty of occupation to turn them back, which Fred did with a piece of stick, wisely keeping the uncouth creatures at a distance. “Now, what’s to be done with them all?” said Bob. “I should like to have the little jack to put in our pond,” said Harry. “Why, he’d kill all the roach,” said Philip. “So he would,” said his brother; “but then he’s a nicer-looking fellow than any there.” “Well, I’ll tell you what,” said Bob, “we’ll put the six biggest eels and the trout into a basket, and you shall take ’em home—young jack and all; and them tothers I shall send up into the village to sell.” This was considered to be a capital arrangement; and soon after, off the boys started with their basket tied tightly down to keep the eels from getting out during the journey. Fred declined to help carry on account of the eels, so Harry and Philip took a handle each and swung it between them—a nice easy way for them, but very uncomfortable for the poor eels, for every now and then Master Harry would swing so hard that the basket would make a complete revolution, twist Philip’s wrist, and, making him leave go, the basket would come down bump upon the gravel path. On they went, however, till they came to the little plank bridge, over which Fred tripped lightly; and stood on the other side, laughing, out of the reach of any splashing that Harry might feel disposed to favour him with. The water had sunk a few inches lower during their visit to the mill; and when Harry and Philip stood in the middle of the plank, which could not of course be passed without having a splash, Harry began to spring up and down, and the board being tolerably elastic, he and his brother had a pretty good ride; but although there was double weight now upon it, the plank would...

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