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The Manual of Heraldry; Fifth Edition
Being a Concise Description of the Several Terms Used, and Containing a Dictionary of Every Designation in the Science

written by "Anonymous"
...Engravings on Steel, a Map, and numerous Woodcuts. "Mr. Bartlett has made a book, pleasant in letter-press, as well as attractive in its illustrations—delicately finished line engravings of subjects particularly well chosen." —Athenum. "A very handsome volume, copiously and cleverly illustrated in the vignette style; an elegant table-book, or most acceptable present." —Atlas. "Entertainingly written, and crowded with steel engravings of a superior character, which combine to make it a very handsome volume." —Critic. THE NILE BOAT; OR, GLIMPSES OF THE LAND OF EGYPT. Illustrated by Thirty-five Steel Engravings, Maps, and numerous Woodcuts. "There is an actuality about the descriptions, and a beauty about the illustrations, that render this glimpse of Egypt peculiarly charming. The sketches and descriptive maps render the views witnessed in the 'Nile Boat' beautiful realities." —The Sun. GLEANINGS ON THE OVERLAND ROUTE. Illustrated by Twenty-eight Steel Plates and Maps, and Twenty-three Woodcuts. "The reader will find abundance of interesting and amusing information in the volume. As a work of art, it possesses very considerable merit." —Chambers's Journal. "An individual of able research and active observation conveys to us his impressions in language terse, concise, and never tedious; we listen with pleasure to his tale. Well executed pictorial illustrations considerably enhance the merits of this pleasing work." —Tait's Magazine. JERUSALEM REVISITED. With Twenty-two Steel Engravings and Woodcuts. "A beautiful monument for a lover of Art." —Athenum. "An interesting book to look through, and a useful book to read," —Leader. "Mr. Bartlett was a remarkably clever and faithful sketcher, and had an unusual power of expressing space and size in the limits of a small vignette." —Guardian. ...

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