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The Night of the Long Knives
written by "Finlay, Virgil, 1914-1971"
... on two (in a way, three) of the great "countries" of the modern world. (And as long as we thought of it as fun, we didn't have to admit the envy and wistfulness that was behind our wisecracks.) I said, "We've always figured in a general way that Alamos was the remains of a community of scientists and technicians. Now we know the same's true of the Atla-Hi group. They're the Brookhaven survivors." "Manhattan Project, don't you mean?" Alice corrected. "Nope, that was in Colorado Springs," Pop said with finality. I also pointed out that a community of scientists would educate for technical intelligence, maybe breed for it too. And being a group picked for high I. Q. to begin with, they might make startlingly fast progress. You could easily imagine such folk, unimpeded by the boobs, creating a wonder world in a couple of generations. "They got their troubles though," Pop reminded me and that led us to speculating about the war we'd dipped into. Savannah Fortress, we knew, was supposed to be based on some big atomic plants on the river down that way, but its culture seemed to have a fiercer ingredient than Atla-Alamos. Before we knew it we were, musing almost romantically about the plight of Atla-Hi, besieged by superior and (it was easy to suppose) barbaric forces, and maybe distant Los Alamos in a similar predicament—Alice reminded me how the voice had asked if they were still dying out there. For a moment I found myself fiercely proud that I had been able to strike a blow against evil aggressors. At once, of course, then, the revulsion came. "This is a hell of a way," I said, "for three so-called realists to be mooning about things." "Yes, especially when your heroes kicked us out," Alice agreed. Pop chuckled. "Yep," he said, "they even took Ray's artillery away from him." "You're wrong there, Pop," I said, sitting up. "I still got one of the grenades—the one the pilot ...

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