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Henrik Ibsen
A Bibliography of Criticism and Biography with an Index to Characters

written by "Firkins, Ina Ten Eyck, 1866-1937"
...ash; Prince. Emp. and Gal. 1 Juliane. Sankt. Kaia Fosli. See Fosli, Kaia Kre the peasant. Vik. of Helg. Kari. Peer G. Kirsten Liljekrans. Olaf Lil. Knud. Rypen. Knut Brovik. See Brovik, Knut Knut Gesling. See Gesling, Knut Krap. Pil. of Soc. Krogstad, Nils. Doll's House Kroll, Rector. Rosm. Kvist, Jrgen. Sankt. Kytron. Emp. and Gal. 2 Laerke, Frken. Svan. Laipso. Emp. and Gal. 1 Lentulus. Catilina Leontes. Emp. and Gal. 1 Libanius. Emp. and Gal. 1 and 2 Liljekrans, Olaf. Olaf Lil. —— Kirsten. Olaf Lil. Lind. Love's Com. Linden, Mrs. Doll's House Lona Hessel. See Hessel, Lona Lrborg, Eilert. Hed. Gab. Lundestad, Anders. L. of Youth Lykke, Nils. Lady Inger Lynge, Mrs. Doctor. Pil of Soc. Lyngstrand. Lady fr. Sea Madmen. Peer G. Maid-servant at the Chamberlain's. L. of Youth Maia Rubek. See Rubek, Maia Makrina. Emp. and Gal. 2 Malchus. Emp. and Gal. 2 Mamertinus. Emp. and Gal. 2 Manders, Pastor. Ghosts Manlius. Catilina Margit. Feast at Sol. Margrete. Pretend. Maris. Emp. and Gal. 2 Martha Bernick. See Bernick, M. Maurus. Emp. and Gal. 1 Maximus the mystic. Emp. and Gal. 1 and 2 Mayor. Brand Medon. Emp. and Gal. 2 Memnon, an Ethiopian. Emp. and Gal. 1 Memnon, Statue. Peer G. Mereta. Rypen. Mogens. Rypen. Molvik. W. Duck Monsen, Mons. L. of Youth —— Bastian. L. of Youth —— Ragna. L. of Youth Morten. En. of Peop. Mortensgrd, Peter. Rosm. Myrrha. Emp. and Gal. 1 Nevita. Emp. and Gal. 2 Nicolas Arnesson. See Arnesson, Nicholas Nils Krogstad. See Krogstad, Nils Nils Lykke. See Lykke, Nils Nils Stensson. See Stensson, Nils En Nisse. Sankt. Nora. Doll's House Norma. Norma. Numa. Emp. and Gal. 2 Olaf Bernick...

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