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The Oaths, Signs, Ceremonies and Objects of the Ku-Klux-Klan.
A Full Expose. By A Late Member

written by "Anonymous"
...e anywhere, so that it is likely to be seen on a fence, or sketched with a stick on a walk; and sometimes leaves torn in two, so that the halves resemble rude crescents, are dropped about where they will attract the attention of the Brothers, while no one else will notice them. It must be understood that the companies never meet to discuss any proposition. That is done without a general meeting, which is only called when some initiation is to take place, or when some action requiring the whole or part of the band has been decided on. A general rallying cry is provided for cases of emergency, as, for instance, if a party of Brothers were engaged in any expedition, and should encounter such resistance as to make aid necessary. The cry is: "The Cross! The Cross! The Cross!" I never knew this cry to be used, but when the time comes for active and extended operations in cities, it will be. [27] THE WORK DONE. In the code of the Brothers of the Southern Cross, every loyal Southerner is a traitor, and every loyal Northerner is a born enemy. The command is to "smite every vulnerable point," and enough is published every week to show that "vulnerable points" are found every day, when the Brothers put an enemy out of the way. Details are made from the companies when the death of any person has been decided on. The precise time for the act is never given with the order—the Brothers wait the favorable moment for their work of Silence and Darkness. Always enough men are detailed to cover all possible contingences of ordinary resistance. When once detailed for such service, a Brother is never free until it is done, even if no opportunity occurs for months. Every State in the South has its perfect organization of these Brothers, and the order is yet in its infancy. Members are at work in[28] the Northern border States, organizing among those who are Southern born, or who are known to side with the South against the North. ...

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