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Flappers and Philosophers
written by "Fitzgerald, F. Scott (Francis Scott), 1896-1940"
...sible notch. She had heard a very faint but quite unmistakable creak from the floor of the dining room. Fred was trying to get out the back way. Then her heart took a flying leap as a hollow ringing note like a gong echoed and re-echoed through the house. Gedney's arm had struck the big cut-glass bowl. "What's that!" cried Harold. "Who's there?" She clung to him but he broke away, and the room seemed to crash about her ears. She heard the pantry-door swing open, a scuffle, the rattle of a tin pan, and in wild despair she rushed into the kitchen and pulled up the gas. Her husband's arm slowly unwound from Gedney's neck, and he stood there very still, first in amazement, then with pain dawning in his face. "My golly!" he said in bewilderment, and then repeated: "My golly!" He turned as if to jump again at Gedney, stopped, his muscles visibly relaxed, and he gave a bitter little laugh. "You people—you people——" Evylyn's arms were around him and her eyes were pleading with him frantically, but he pushed her away and sank dazed into a kitchen chair, his face like porcelain. "You've been doing things to me, Evylyn. Why, you little devil! You little devil!" She had never felt so sorry for him; she had never loved him so much. "It wasn't her fault," said Gedney rather humbly. "I just came." But Piper shook his head, and his expression when he stared up was as if some physical accident had jarred his mind into a temporary inability to function. His eyes, grown suddenly pitiful, struck a deep, unsounded chord in Evylyn—and simultaneously a furious anger surged in her. She felt her eyelids burning; she stamped her foot violently; her hands scurried nervously over the table as if searching for a weapon, and then she flung herself wildly at Gedney. "Get out!" she screamed, dark eves blazing, little fists beating helplessly on his outstretched arm. "You did this! Get out of here—get out—get ...

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