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The Saint
written by "Fogazzaro, Antonio, 1842-1911"
...s Giovanni quite sure the monk was coming to the meeting? Yes, quite sure. Don Clemente had obtained the abbot's permission while Giovanni was at the convent, and had at once told him. He was coming, and would bring with him, and introduce to them, the man who helped the kitchen-gardener, of whom he had already spoken to Giovanni. Thus, another time, the gardener could come alone, and would teach him to bank up the potatoes in the little piece of ground he had hired behind the villa, intending to cultivate it with his own hands. Manual labour, to which he had recently taken, was a pet hobby of Giovanni's of which Maria did not altogether approve, deeming it incompatible with his habits and with his age. However, she respected his whim and held her peace. At that moment the girl from Affile, who served them, came to tell them that their guests were on their way upstairs, and that supper would be ready shortly. Three people, in fact, were ascending the narrow winding stair of the little villa, Giovanni went down to meet them. First came his young friend Leyn, who, on greeting Giovanni, begged to be excused for preceding the two ecclesiastics who were his companions. "I am master of ceremonies," he explained, and proceeded to introduce them there on the stairs. "The Abb Marinier of Geneva. Don Paolo Far of Varese, with whose name you are already acquainted." Selva was slightly perplexed; nevertheless he at once invited his guests to follow him, and conducted them to the terrace, where some chairs had been placed. "And Dane?" said he anxiously to Leyn, taking his arm, "And Professor Minucci, and Father Salvati." "They have arrived," the young man replied, smiling. "They are at the Aniene. I must tell you about it—but it is a long story! They will be here presently." Meanwhile the Abb Marinier had gone out on the terrace, and now exclaimed: "Oh, c'est admirable!" Don Paolo Far, always loyal...

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