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Rebels of the Red Planet
written by "Fontenay, Charles Louis, 1917-2007"
...ace in the Xanthe Desert where Goat conducted some significant experiments. If he left any of his records there—and I'm thinking of some in particular—they might go a long way toward solving the problem we've all be working on for so long. So now I know what to do next: I'm going to Ultra Vires." Old Beard smiled sadly. "Have you forgotten we can't get out of this place?" he reminded. "We can't get at either the marsuits or the groundcars." It was Dark's turn to smile. "I believe you said there aren't any guards on the airlocks to stop one from walking out at night?" he said. "That's true, but—" "There's something you don't know," continued Dark. "You were wondering at the basis of the regenerative power that permitted me to revive here after being shot in the stomach with a heatgun. I don't know what it is, but whatever it is, it's something that also permits me to live without oxygen.[Pg 100] "Happy can testify that I was fully alive and conscious underwater. I discovered, before I was shot, that I can operate just as well outside, in the Martian atmosphere, without a helmet. And that's why Goat's records may solve our problem. "So tonight I'll leave this place and go to Ultra Vires. If there are any marsuits and groundcars left there, I'll come back here with them, and you and Happy and Shadow can escape with me. If not, you may have to wait a while longer. "But I'll be back!" 13 Brute Hennessey plodded westward through the Xanthe Desert, naked, wearing no marsuit, his head bare to the thin, oxygen-poor Martian air. The two small moons shone in the star-spangled sky above the lone figure, casting fantastic shadows on the sands. But this was not the stupid, shambling Brute Hennessey of a few months past. He walked surely and proudly, and the light of intelligence shone in his eyes. He called himself, now, Dark Kensington. Dark's muscular body had not regained, quite, the firmn...

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