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The Poll for an Assistant Minister for the Parish of St. Peter Mancroft, Norwich
written by "Anonymous"
... Moore Martha, opposite Crescent 1   More Caroline, Market-place   1 Morgan Richard, Chapel-field     Morrison P. A., Gaol-hill     Murrell James, Back of Inns     Muskett Charles, Old Haymarket 5   Myhill William, Lady’s-lane   1 Marston Richard, Market-place     Money James, Bethel-street     Martin John, Back of Inns   1 Monsey Robert, Weavers’-lane   1   Nettleship Susan, Lady’s-lane     Neve Thomas, Chapel-field 1   Newman Mrs., Davey-place     p. 9Newbegin James, Market-place   1 Newbegin James, do. Newbegin James, junr.   2 Newton James, Fishmarket   1 Nockolds George, Briggs’-street   1 Norgate Mrs., York-place 1   Norton Mary Ann, Weavers’-lane 1   Noverre Frank, Chapel-field     Nurse Robert, Old Post-office-yard     Norman Benjamin, Bethel-street     Norman Robert, York-place       Oastler Charles, Pudding-lane 1     Page S. D., Old Haymarket Page S. D. jun., do. 4   Page Miss, Bethel-street   1 Page John Gymers, Orford-street 1   Page Martin F., Orford-hill 1   Palmer James, Coburg street 1   Palmer Jonathan, Market-place   1 Parr James, Butchery 1   Parr Thomas, do. 1   Payne John, Dove-street 1   Perfect William, Bethel-street   1 Perowne John, Exchange-street   1 Perowne John Smith, do   1 Piggin John, Gentleman’s-walk   3 Pilgrim John, Bethel-street 1   Pinching William, do.     Plummer James, Lady’s-lane 1   Postle William, Chapel-field 1   Potter Thomas, Gentleman’s-walk   3 Pratt William, Fishma...

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