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Boys and Girls Bookshelf (Vol 2 of 17)
Folk-Lore, Fables, And Fairy Tales

written by "Forbush, William Byron, 1868-1927"
...ut where are the beads?” said she. “You asked me for no beads,” said he. “Fool!” said she. “Was it ever heard that a chief’s daughter married in clothing of plain red cloth? If you want me for your wife, bring me a double handful of the glass beads that the Frenchmen bring from over the sea—red and white and blue and yellow beads!” So the brave paddled off in his canoe down the river. When he came to the beavers’ creeks he found the dams and the lodges; but the beavers were gone. He followed them up the creeks till the water got so shallow that the rocks tore holes in his canoe, and he had to stop and strip fresh birch-bark to mend the holes; but at last he found where the beavers were building their new dams; and he loaded his canoe with their skins, and paddled away and shot over the rapids, and came to the white man’s fort. The white men passed their hands over the skins and felt that they were good, and gave him a double handful of beads. Then he paddled up the river, paddling fast and hard, so that when he stood before the old chief’s lodge he was very thin. The eldest daughter came out when he called, and said: “It is a shame for such an ugly man to have a chief’s daughter for his wife. You are not a man; you are only the bones of a man, like the poles of the lodge when the bark is stripped away. Come back when you are fat.” Then he went away to his lodge, and ate and slept and ate and slept till he was fat, and he made his face beautiful with red clay and went and called to the chief’s daughter to come and marry him. But she called out to him, saying: “A chief’s daughter must have time to embroider her clothes. Come back when I have made my cloth beautiful with a strip of beadwork [Pg 354] a hand’s-breadth wide from end to end of the cloth.”   flute player from a painting by j...

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