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Fowler's Household Helps
Over 300 Useful and Valuable Helps About the Home, Carefully Compiled and Arranged in Convenient Form for Frequent Use

written by "Fowler, Arthur L., 1881-"
...ny colored fabric should have color set before washing, using the method below which is best suited to the goods: For green, blue, pink, pinkish purple, lavender and aniline reds, soak for 10 minutes in alum water, using three ounces of alum to a tub of water. For black-and-white, gray, purple, and dark blue, soak in salt water, using a teaspoonful of common salt to a quart of water; soak one hour and rinse thoroughly. Dry in the shade. If in doubt about the goods, first try a small piece of it as above and note carefully the result. Vinegar is also considered good for dark colors, using one-fourth cup of vinegar to one quart of water. Sugar of lead is best for delicate greens, blues and tans. Use one teaspoonful of sugar of lead to one quart of water. To Get Rid of Ants—To rid the house of ants, smear the cracks and corners of the infested rooms with balsam of peru. MISCELLANEOUS A Cheap Floor Wax—A satisfactory and economical floor wax which is excellent for use on hardwood floors: To one-half cake of melted paraffin add one teacupful of turpentine. Apply to the clean dry floor with a cloth; then polish with a woolen cloth or weighted brush. It gives an excellent polish and keeps the floor nice and light. To Loosen Screws and Nails which have become rusted into wood: (1) Drop a little paraffin on them, and after a short time they can easily be removed, or, (2) Hold a red hot iron to the head of the screw for a short time and use the screwdriver while the screw is still hot. To Put Hooks in Hardwood—When putting hooks in hardwood, use a clothes-pin to turn them, or slip the handle of a knife or any small steel article through the hook and turn until it is secure in the wood. This will save your fingers from aching. Insoles from Old Felt Hats—Cut out pieces from old felt hats big enough to fit the inside of your shoes. This makes a fine insole, and is a great help to ke...

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