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Roses: Four One-Act Plays
Streaks of Light—The Last Visit—Margot—The Far-away Princess

written by "Frank, Grace"
...t in six months she will become the bride of a grand-duke--even that can make no difference to me. For the present she is my princess.--But you're not listening to me! The Princess. Oh, yes I am! Strbel. Do you know what that means--my princess? I'll not give up my princess--not for anything in all the world! The Princess. But--if you don't even know her----? Strbel. I don't know her? Why, I know her as well as I know myself! The Princess. Have you ever met her, then? Strbel. I don't know of any one who has ever met her. And there's not a soul that can tell what she looks like. It is said that there were pictures of her in the shop-windows when she first came, but they were removed immediately. In the morning a great many people are always lurking around the Springs trying to catch a glimpse of her. I myself have gotten up at six o'clock a couple of times--on the same errand--and if you knew me better, you'd realise what that meant. But not a sign of her! Either she has the stuff brought to her house, or she has the power of making herself invisible. (The Princess turns aside to conceal a smile.) After that, I used to hang around her garden--every day, for hours at a time. Until one day the policeman, whom the managers of the Springs have stationed at the gates, came up to me and asked me what on earth I was doing there. Well, that was the end of those methods of approach! Suddenly, however, a happy thought struck me. Now I can see her, and have her near to me as often as I wish. The Princess. Why, that's very interesting. How? Strbel. Yes, that's just the point. H'm, should I risk it? Should I take you into my confidence? The Princess. You promised me some time ago that you would show her to me. Strbel. Wait a second. (Looks through the telescope.) There she is. Please look for yourself. The Princess. But I am-- (She, too, looks through the telescope.) Actually, there is...

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