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Autobiography of Friedrich Froebel translated and annotated by Emilie Michaelis ... and H. Keatley Moore.
written by "Fröbel, Friedrich, 1782-1852"
... Mary. See KOEHLER, below. HAILMANN, W.N. Primary Helps, or Modes of making Froebel's Methods Available in Primary Schools. 2d Ed. 8vo, pp. 58, with 15 full-page illustrations. Syracuse, 1889. 1.00 —— Four Lectures on Early Child Culture. 16mo, pp. 74. Milwaukee. .50 —— Kindergarten Culture in the Family and Kindergarten. A Complete Sketch of Froebel's System of Early Education, adapted to American Institutions. For the use of Mothers and Teachers. 12mo, pp. 119, and 12 plates. Cincinnati, 1873. .75 —— The Kindergarten Messenger and The New Education. Vols. V, VI, [completing the series]. 8vo, 2 vols., pp. 146, 188. Syracuse, 1882, 83. 4.00 —— Primary Methods. A complete and methodical presentation of the use of Kindergarten Material in the work of the Primary School, unfolding a systematic course of Manual Training in connection with Arithmetic, Geometry, Drawing, and other School Studies. 12mo, pp. 166. New York, 1888. 1.00 HAILMANN, E.L. Songs, Games, and Rhymes for the Kindergarten. 12mo. Springfield. 1.75 HEERWART, Eleonore. Music for the Kindergarten. 4to. London, 1877. 1.25 —— Froebel's Mutter- und Kose-lieder. 12mo, pp. 18  [The last is reprinted in "Essays on the Kindergarten," above.] HOFFMANN, H. Kindergarten Toys, and How to Use Them. Toronto. .20 —— Kindergarten Gifts. New York. .15 HOGGAN, Frances E. On the Physical Education of Girls. 12mo, pp. 24.  [This is reprinted in "Essays on the Kindergarten," above.] HOPKINS, Louisa P. How Shall My Child be Taught? Practical Pedagogy, or the Science of Teaching. Illustrated, 12mo, pp. 276. Boston, 1887. 1.50 —— Educational Psychology. A Treatise for Parents and Educators. 24mo, pp. 96. Boston, 1886. .50 HUBBARD, Clara. Merry Songs and Games, for the use of the Kindergarten. 4to, pp. 104. St. Louis, 1881. 2.00 HUGHES, James. The Kindergarten: its...

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