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Butterflies and Moths

written by "Furneaux, William S."
...ash;The Mother-of-Pearl. Its wings are whitish, and exhibit a very decided pearly lustre, and all the markings are of a dull dark grey. The caterpillar is glossy, and has a semi-transparent appearance. It is greenish white above, with a darker line down the back; and the sides are of a brighter green. It feeds on the stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) during May. The Garden Pebble (Pionea forficalis) The same family contains also the Garden Pebble, which is one of the commonest frequenters of gardens, both in town and country. Fig. 213.—The Garden Pebble. The fore wings are pale yellowish grey with brown markings. The latter include a fine line from the tip to the middle of the inner margin, and another paler one inside and parallel with this, having a dark spot near its centre. The hind wings are lighter, and have a pale and interrupted line parallel with the hind margin. The caterpillar is pale greenish, with a dark line along the back and on each side. It feeds on the cabbage and other cruciferous plants. The moth flies from May to the end of the summer, and the caterpillar may be found about midsummer, and again in the autumn. The Beautiful China Mark (Hydrocampa stagnata) Fig. 214.—The Beautiful China Mark. Our last example of the Pyralides—the Beautiful China Mark—belongs to the family Hydrocampid. This small family is[Pg 294] remarkable for the fact that its four species spend their larval state in the water, feeding on the under surfaces of the leaves of water lilies and other aquatic plants. These curious larv live either in cases which they construct for their protection, something after the fashion of the larv of caddis flies, or quite free in the water, and then they are supplied with special breathing organs that enable them to absorb the oxygen held in solution in the water. The moth we have selected for illustration is a very common species, and...

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