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Grandfather's Love Pie
written by "Gaines, Miriam" Captain Gordon greatly. As for the little "wifey"—she just sat at her husband's side and enjoyed the same measure of surprise and pleasure. The package of receipted bills—gorgeously done up in Christmas style—was not forgotten, and brought forth [61] the predicted satisfaction, even if there was considerable laughing also. "Handle this with care," laughed Uncle Dick, as he gayly lifted out the tiny basket of eggs. "This is one slice of the pie at least that you can eat." The lemon was pulled out in the course of time and proved not to be too sour for enjoyment. Alsie waited patiently for the envelope containing the "Reminiscence," and at last, when it came forth, she drew very close to grandfather to watch him open it. A puzzled look was on his face as he unfolded several yellow sheets of paper and recognized his own handwriting. He began to read a few lines, however, and a kindly smile spread over his countenance. "I rather think this will interest somebody else, too. Suppose you read it aloud, Dick," remarked grandfather. It was dated ten years before, and proved to be one of the vivid, interesting letters that none could write so [62] well as Captain Gordon. It was written at the time of Alice's memorable year's trip abroad with some friends. Alsie was then a tiny girl of two years. The letter gave a detailed account of one of baby's escapades. It read as follows: "The Old Kentucky Home. "My dear Alice: "It pleases me greatly to know that my young daughter is having such a glorious time abroad with her friends, even though I do miss her sorely at home. The letter written by me a day or two ago, which will probably reach you along with this, informs you that we are all well at home, and it contains as much neighborhood gossip as Wifey was able ...

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