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Larry Dexter's Great Search
or, The Hunt for the Missing Millionaire

written by "Garis, Howard Roger, 1873-1962"
... then looked at Grace, who was trembling from the words and actions of her rude visitor. "You here!" exclaimed the politician, in a whisper. "So that's the game, eh? I thought the Leader was in on it." "There's no game at all!" cried Larry, indignantly. "I am here in the interests of the paper to learn all I can about Mr. Potter's disappearance." "Then ask her to tell you the truth!" cried Sullivan, pointing his finger at Grace. "She knows where he is!" "I don't! I wish I did!" and Grace faced her accuser with flashing eyes. "Don't repeat that remark," said Larry, calmly, though there was a determined air about him. "You know better than that, Mr. Sullivan," and Larry stood fearlessly before the politician. In the unlikely event of a physical encounter Larry had no fears, for he was tall and strong for his age. "It's true!" Sullivan repeated, in a sort of a growl, for he was a little afraid of the tempest he had stirred up. "I say it isn't," Larry replied. "I have worked on this case from the start, and I know as much about it as any one. What's more, I think you know more than you are willing to admit. I haven't forgotten the interview you gave me, and which you denied later. I think there's something under all this that will make interesting reading when it comes out." "You—you don't suspect me, do you?" and Larry noted that Sullivan's hands were trembling. "I don't know what to suspect," the young reporter answered, determined to take all the advantage he could of the situation. "It looks very queer. It will read queerer still when it comes out in the Leader—how you came here to threaten Miss Potter." "You—you're not going to put that in, are you?" asked the politician. "I certainly am." "If you do I'll——" "Look here!" exclaimed Larry. "You've made threats enough for one day. It's time for you to go. There's the door! Peterson!" he called. "Show this man out!" Larry wa...

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