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The Moccasin Ranch
A Story of Dakota

written by "Garland, Hamlin, 1860-1940"
...led it. "You'll stay right here, Jim, till I say 'go.'" Rivers reached for a weapon. "Will I?" he asked. "I wonder if I will?"105 Blanche burst out: "Oh, Jim, don't! Please don't!" The men did not hear her. They saw no one, heard no one. They were facing each other in utter disregard of time or place. Bailey's tone grew sad and tender, but he did not move: "All right, Jim. If you want to go to hell as the murderer of your best friend, as well as for stealing another man's wife, do it. But you sha'n't go out of this door with that woman while I live. Now, that's final." His voice was low, and his words came slowly, but not from weakness. For a moment hell looked from the other man's eyes. He was like a tiger intercepted in his leap upon his prey. The laugh had vanished from his hazel eyes—they were gray and cold and savage, but there was something equally forceful in Bailey's gaze.106 Rivers could not shoot. He was infuriate, but he was not insane. He turned away, cursing his luck. His face, twitching and white, was terrible to look upon, but the crisis was over. Bailey's eyes lightened. "Come, old man, you can't afford to do this. Go out and put up the team, and to-morrow we'll take Mrs. Burke home—I'll explain that she came over after the mail and couldn't get back." Rivers turned on him again with a sneer. "You cussed fool, can't you see that she can't go back to Burke? I've made her mine—you understand?" Bailey's hands fell slack. He suddenly remembered something. He brushed his hand over his brow as if to clear his vision: "Jim, Jim, I—good God!—how could you do such a thing?" He was helpless107 as a boy, in face of this hideous complication. Rivers pushed his advantage. He developed a species of swagger: "Never mind about that. It's done. Now what are you going to do? Can you fix up such a thing as that?" Bailey was still silent. "It simply means that I'm her husband from this t...

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