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Paul Gerhardt's Spiritual Songs
Translated by John Kelly

written by "Gerhardt, Paul, 1607-1676"
... wond'rest. 'Tis all in vain, in vain thy care, With all thy musings earnest, In all thy life a single hair Thou white or black ne'er turnest. The griefs by which thou'rt sore distress'd Can only serve to mar thy rest, Cause anguish unavailing, Thy life itself curtailing. Wilt thou do what is for thy good, And what thy God good seeth? Then cast on Him each heavy load, 'Fore whom earth and heav'n fleeth. [149] Thy life and labour, all that's thine, With joy into God's hand resign; A happy end He'll ever Give thee, and thee deliver. Who car'd for thee ere light of day Had dawn'd upon thy vision, While in the womb thy soul still lay As in a gloomy prison? Who thought upon thy welfare then? What good did all the might of men Do, when to thee were given Life, mind, and pow'r from heaven? Whose skill was it that fashion'd thee? And who thy frame uprearèd? To glad our eyes, by whose decree, Say, hath the light appearèd? Who hath thy veins in order laid, For each a course convenient made? Who hath thy frame replenish'd With members fair and finish'd? [150] Where were thy mind and will and heart When land and ocean over, Yea, even earth's remotest part, The sky was spread to cover? Who made the sun and moon to shine, Who gave herbs, trees, and beasts as thine, Who bid them satisfy thee, And no desire deny thee? Lift up thy head, see everywhere, Above, around, below thee, How God in all for thee His care, And at all times, doth show thee! Thy meat and drink, the clothes dost wear, Did God, ere need thou felt'st, prepare. God, ere thou wast, prepar'd thee Thy mother's milk, that rear'd thee. The raiment that in infancy Thy nakedness did cover, The cradle that receivèd thee, The roof thy young head over, [151] Were all in love prepar'd for thee, Ere yet thine eye was op'd to see The wonders that abounded, The world that thee surrounded. Yet wilt thou walk by thine ow...

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