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China and the Chinese
written by "Giles, Herbert Allen, 1845-1935"
...ooks; the first and most important thing is to learn to swim!" Here is another newspaper gem: "In China, the land of opposites, the dials of the clocks are made to turn round, while the hands stand still." Personally, I never noticed this arrangement. Again: "Some of the tops with which the Chinese amuse themselves are as large as barrels. It takes three men to spin one, and it gives off a sound that may be heard several hundred yards away." "The Chinese National Anthem is so long that it takes half a day to sing it." "Chinese women devote very little superfluous time to hair-dressing. Their tresses are arranged once a month, and they sleep with their heads in boxes." What we want in place of all this is a serious and systematic examination of the manners and [211] customs, and modes of thought, of the Chinese people. Their long line of Dynastic Histories must be explored and their literature ransacked by students who have got through the early years of drudgery inseparable from the peculiar nature of the written language, and who are prepared to devote themselves, not, as we do now, to a general knowledge of the whole, but to a thorough acquaintance with some particular branch. The immediate advantages of such a course, as I must point out once more, for the last time, to commerce and to diplomatic relations will be incalculable. And they will be shared in by the student of history, philosophy, and religion, who will then for the first time be able to assign to China her proper place in the family of nations. The founder of this Chinese Chair has placed these advantages within the grasp of Columbia University. [212]   [213] INDEX [214]   [215] INDEX Account of Strange Nations, book in Cambridge collection, 58. Albinos, Chinese, 181. Alchemy, Taoist practice, 166. Analects, Confucian Canon, 42. Ance...

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