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Practical Basketry
written by "Gill, Anna A."
...weaving in an easy manner. When nine rows of weaving are finished, complete the basket with Closed Border No. 1. MODEL 7.—FIG. 10 BARREL SHAPED FANCY BASKET Fig. 10 This basket is woven over green spokes, with green bands about an inch from the top and bottom46 of basket. Green rings may be made for handle. Material 8 spokes No. 4 green reed, 20 inches. 1 spoke No. 4 green reed, 11 inches. Weavers No. 2 natural. Weavers No. 2 green. 1 strand green raffia. Weave a center, and separate the spokes with green raffia. With No. 2 natural reed weave a base 31⁄2 inches. Turn the sides up and drawing them outward weave ten rows. Change the reed to No. 2 green and holding the spokes in the same manner, weave a band of green 7⁄8 inch wide, then a band of the natural color 11⁄2 inches wide. Change the reed now to green. Hold the spokes well in toward the center and draw the weaver tightly. Work a band of green one inch and finish the weaving with one inch of natural reed. Complete the basket with the following closed border: Closed Border No. 3 As in the Closed Border No. 1 and No. 2, run each spoke back of the next spoke on the right and out to the front. The second row is woven by placing each spoke in front of the next three47 spokes to the right and back of the sixth. Weave each spoke in this way until the row is completed. Diagram No. 19.—Closed Border No. 3 MODEL 8.—FIG. 11 NO. 1 JARDINIERE Fig. 11 This flower pot covering basket is made of the natural reed. It may either be dipped in any shade of dye or stained. The one illustrated was dipped in dye when completed. Material 8 spokes No. 4 reed, 18 inches. 1 spoke No. 4 reed, 10 inches. Weavers No. 2 reed. Weave a bottom 41⁄4 inches. The sides are made by holding the spokes outward until 41⁄2 inches are woven. This makes the diameter of the48 basket 43⁄4 inches. ...

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