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Mother Earth, Vol. 1 No. 4, June 1906
Monthly Magazine Devoted to Social Science and Literature

written by "Goldman, Emma, 1869-1940"
...en he slightly bent forward and listened eagerly. Everything was calm, motionless, as in suspense. Nobody passed through the avenue. Only in the adjoining side streets pedestrians flitted by like ghosts. So this was the end! After having struggled bravely for years, after living up to high ideals as well as one could, to go down a long, dark avenue—a falling star flashed across the tree tops. The tall, lean man pressed his hand to his heart, although he was not certain of having heard a report, he felt, that his friend had arrived at the goal of his life's journey. The game was up! [62] Books to be had through Mother Earth The Doukhobors: Their History in Russia; Their Migration to Canada. By Joseph Elkins  .  .   $2.00 Moribund Society and Anarchism. By Jean Grave  .  .   25c. Education and Heredity. By J. M. Guyau  .  .   $1.25 A Sketch of Morality—Independent of Obligation and Sanction. By J. M. Guyau  .  .   $1.00 American Communities: New and Old Communistic, Semi-Communistic, and Co-Operative. By W. A. Hinds  .  .   $1.00 History of the French Revolution. (An excellent work for students. It begins with a sketch of history of the earliest times; the decline of the ancient empires, the rise of the French monarchy, and traces the causes which made the Revolution inevitable. The philosophic conclusion is unsurpassed, and the position taken, laying a foundation for the philosophy of freedom, is bound to attract the attention of thinkers.) By C. L. James. Reduced to  .  .   50c. Origin of Anarchism. By C. L. James  .  .   5c. Fields, Factories, and Workshops. By Peter Kropotkin  .  .   50c. Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution. By Peter Kropotkin. Reduced to  .  .   $1.20 Memoirs of a Revolutionist. By Peter Kropotkin. Reduced to  .  .   $1.60 Modern S...

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