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written by "Gooch, Thelma"
...y?" demanded Nina fretfully. "Why any one would think you were Shirley's age! Can't Sarah tell your aunt you won't be home?" "I suppose she could," admitted Rosemary. "All right, Nina, I'll go with you." Sarah accepted the message reluctantly after school that afternoon and she and Shirley went home while Nina and Rosemary hurried off up town. Nina's shopping manners were remarkably like her mother's and she was respectfully treated in all the shops. Eastshore had no very large stores, but the merchandise was of the better grade in even the tiny places, the lack of variety, as in many small towns, being balanced by uniform quality. "Charge it," said Nina airily, flitting from shop to shop and counter to counter. It was dark, almost before they knew it and though Nina was insistent that Rosemary come[245] home to dinner with her, Rosemary refused. No, she must go home. "Well, here's your parcel," said Nina good-naturedly. "You'll love 'em when you get used to them and you look perfectly stunning in them, you know you do." Rosemary tucked the brown paper package under her arm and fled up the street, dashing up the front steps behind a tall figure just putting a key in the Willis front door. "Well, honey, why this haste?" demanded the doctor, stepping back to let her go in first. "You didn't smell Winnie's apple pudding a block away, did you?" "Where have you been, Rosemary?" asked Aunt Trudy, coming into the hall. "Sarah said you said you would be home by half-past four." "What you got?" inquired Sarah, eyeing the parcel under Rosemary's arm with frank curiosity. "Let me open it, Rosemary?" begged Shirley, standing on tip-toe to pinch the package, her usual method of guessing the contents. "There isn't a speck of privacy in the house!" flared Rosemary. "I think I might buy some[246]thing once in a while that the whole family didn't have to see. And no one has to come straight home from school, except me. If I'm a...

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