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Blue Bonnet in Boston
or, Boarding-School Days at Miss North's

written by "Goss, John, 1886-1963"
... the path bordered with old-fashioned flags that led to Mrs. Patten's front door. She knocked softly. Mrs. Patten was not long in answering. She flung back the door with a gesture that bespoke hospitality. "Why, it's Miss Blue Bonnet," she said, smiling a welcome. "Come right in. S'pose you want to see Gabriel. He's out in the orchard with Miss [328]Warren. They're both crazy 'bout the fruit blooms and the sunshine." She led the way through a spotless kitchen, and Blue Bonnet stopped at the door to catch a glimpse of Gabriel's ecstatic face. The child was propped with soft, comfortable pillows in a wheel chair. It was the first time Blue Bonnet had seen him out of bed, and the sight of his crutches gave her a start. "So you arrived safely?" she said, shaking hands with Miss Warren and dropping down beside Gabriel. Gabriel removed his eyes from a robin in the peach-tree long enough to say "good morning" at his nurse's request. Then he spied Solomon. "A dog!" he cried delightedly, as if wonders were multiplying too rapidly to be true. Blue Bonnet took Solomon by the collar and pulled him closer to the boy. "Pet him," she said, "he won't hurt you." But at Solomon's friendly approach the child shrank away in terror. "Gabriel has never known much about dogs," Miss Warren explained. "And just think, Miss Ashe, he's never seen a robin before! That's why he forgot to speak to you; he was entranced." Entranced he was. The trees in bloom; the soft fragrant air swaying the leaves gently; the singing birds; Mrs. Patten's lazy yellow cat drowsing in the sunshine; the chickens cackling in the tiny [329]barnyard, opened up a panorama before the child's wondering eyes that could scarcely be eclipsed by heaven itself. Only one who has lain for months in a hospital ward with blank walls and a sea of sick faces, could have appreciated the vision. "'Tain't any better than this, is it—the place where we're goin'?" "Well—...

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