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Misrepresentative Men
written by "Graham, Harry, 1874-1936"
...ndiscovered ends, There's nothing worth the wear of winning, But laughter and the love of friends."   MY verses in Your path I lay,[6] And do not deem me indiscreet, If I should say that surely they Could find no haven half so sweet As at Your feet. Unworthy little rhymes are these, Tread tenderly upon them, please! One single favour do I crave, Which is that You regard my pen As Your devoted humble slave. Most fortunate shall I be then[7] Of mortal men; For what more happiness ensures Than work in service such as Yours? Should You be pleased, at any time, To dip into this shallow brook Of simple, unpretentious rhyme, Or chance with fav'ring smile to look Upon my book; Don't mention such a fact out loud, Or haply I shall grow too proud! Accept these verses then, I pray, Disarming press and public too, For what can hostile critics say?[8] What else is left for them to do, Because of You, But view with kindness this collection, Which bears the seal of Your protection? [9] Contents    PAGE Foreword11 Theodore Roosevelt      17 Bacon27 Adam33 Joan of Arc39 Paderewski45 William Tell51 Diogenes57 Sir Thomas Lipton63 Marat69 Ananias75 Nero 77 Aftword83 Postlude87 [10] List of Illustrations   "He might be seen in any weather  In what is called the altogether"FRONTISPIECE     PAGE    "The politician's grip of steel"18    "At six A.M. he shoots a bear"22    "When Eve appeared upon the scene"36    "On concert platforms he perform"48    "Altho' he raised a rasping voice  To persons who his view obstructed"58    "But Charlotte Corday came along,  Intent to right her country's wrong"70 [11] Foreword ALL great biographers possess, Besides a thirst for information, That talent which command...

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