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The Bible in Spain
Vol. 1 [of 2]

written by "Greene, Herbert W."
... if it were a common pavement. It is a saying amongst the inhabitants of Corunna, that in their town there is a street so clean that puchera [369a] may be eaten off it without the slightest inconvenience.  This may certainly be the fact after one of those rains which so frequently drench Galicia, when the appearance of the pavement of the street is particularly brilliant.  Corunna was at one time a place of considerable commerce, the greater part of which has lately departed to Santander, a town which stands a considerable distance down the Bay of Biscay. “Are you going to St. James, [369b] Giorgio?  If so, you will perhaps convey a message to my poor countryman,” said a voice to me one morning in broken English, as I was standing at the door of my posada, in the royal street of Corunna. p. 370I looked round and perceived a man standing near me at the door of a shop contiguous to the inn.  He appeared to be about sixty-five, with a pale face and remarkably red nose.  He was dressed in a loose green great-coat, in his mouth was a long clay pipe, in his hand a long painted stick. “Who are you, and who is your countryman?” I demanded.  “I do not know you.” “I know you, however,” replied the man; “you purchased the first knife that I ever sold in the market-place of N---.” [370a] Myself.—Ah, I remember you now, Luigi Piozzi [370b]; and well do I remember also how, when a boy, twenty years ago, I used to repair to your stall, and listen to you and your countrymen discoursing in Milanese. Luigi.—Ah, those were happy times to me.  Oh, how they rushed back on my remembrance when I saw you ride up to the door of the posada!  I instantly went in, closed my shop, lay down upon my bed and wept. Myself.—I see no reason why you should so much regret those times.  I knew you formerly in England as an itinerant pedlar, and occasionally as master of a stall in t...

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